Terms & Conditions


TRIPNPEOPLE provides an online platform that connects owners of private homes and structures extralbelghiere in possession of rented housing, and guests who want to rent the accommodations (henceforth called Services). The use of the site or the application will also automatically the obligation to adapt to and compliance with the conditions of these "Terms of service", regardless of the fact that becomes a or less a registered user of the Services. 
These Terms govern your access and use of the Site, the application and services and all the collective content, which constitute a binding agreement with TRIPNPEOPLE.
The website and the application are not intended for persons under the age of 18 years.
L' privacy policy form an integral and substantial part of the present contract. By accepting the privacy policy during the registration process, the user accepts and provides the consent to the use and disclosure of their personal data . If you do not agree with these Terms, do not have any right to obtain information or to continue to use the Site, Application or services. Failure to follow these terms in the use of the Website and the application can result in severe civil and criminal penalties.

TRIPNPEOPLE reserves the right to integrate, modify and update these Terms and conditions of use. We invite you, therefore, to periodically check these terms and conditions of use.

TRIPNPEOPLE Mark Nardino, has registered office in Via Puccini 3, Roseto Degli Abruzzi (TE) 64026 Italy, now more simply called TRIPNPEOPLE", offers an online platform that highlights only in communication individuals owners of dwellings, exclusively located on the ground of the Italian Republic, with guests wishing to take advantage of these accommodations.

The above-described service is accessible via link to the address www.tripnpeople.com.

Using or linking to the web site, and using this application, the user agrees to comply with and be contractually and legally bound by these General Terms and Conditions of Use, and that becomes a or less a registered user of the Service. The present General Terms and Conditions of Use govern your access and use of the site, the application and the service and all the content provided by users and/or present on site, and constitute a legally binding agreement between the user and TRIPNPEOPLE.

Using or linking to the web site, and using this application, in addition, the user declares to be autonomously able to carry out the navigation of web sites, follow procedures for registration online, upload online photos and other content, and make payments online.

We invite you to read carefully these Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy ex D. Lgs 196/2003 and subsequent mod., which is to be considered expressly incorporated into the following General Terms and Conditions of Use.

It warns the user that without the full accession to the present General Conditions of Use, the user has no right to obtain information or to continue to use the site, the application or service.

It warns the user that the violation of the General Terms and Conditions of use to the use of the sites, the application or the service may determine sentences in civil and criminal for the user.


Account - login credentials of the User consist of one "Username" and a key word "Password".
Accommodation - building, room, local, beds and/or sofa, extra facilities reservations, in full and legitimate availability of the user/owner.
Announcement - online publication by the user/owner via the Site or the Application having to subject an accommodation.
Application - software application made by TRIPNPEOPLE and/or its responsible that allows users to access the service via the internet at the address www.tripnpeople.com.

Check-in - day calculated on the time local italian (GMT+1) in which the user/traveller has carried out, or would have had to make, the entry into the accommodation in the availability of the user/owner. For example, if the day of check-in and provided for the 11 /04/2015 , check-in will run from 00.00 to 24.00 on the day 11 /04/2015 .
Conditions - the present General Conditions of Use.
Booking - request made by the user/solo for the user/owner via the Site or application. The user/owner during the loading of your profile can choose two modes of acceptances reservations: "Reservation request" and "instant booking".  

Booking on request, the user/owner has the right to accept or reject the booking without any obligation vis-à-vis the User/Solo and against TripnPeople. 

Immediate reservation, the user/owner has the obligation to accept the booking both vis-à-vis the User/Solo and both TRIPNPEOPLE. In the document OF CANCELLATION POLICY are provided for the exclusions to this obligation to the user/owner only in certain unforeseeable events. 
Service - the service offered by TRIPNPEOPLE consists in managing the platform where users publish the related to the accommodation, in a search engine related to housing, and the possibility for users to communicate with each other to make agreements on the use of accommodations.
Payment System - a system of payment through application of GETSPAY group Easy Freight S. P. A - Banca Sella Group- Piazza Gaudenzio Sella,1-13900-Connecting Rod.
PayPal Inc. , parent company of PayPal (Europe) S. a r.l. et Cie, S. C. A, has its headquarters in California, USA.                                   

Site/Sites - online platform provided by TRIPNPEOPLE present address www.tripnpeople.com, or at other addresses referable to TRIPNPEOPLE.
Messaging System - online platform present on the site that allows users to directly contact between them.
User - natural/legal person that has made the procedure of registration through the Website or the application.
User/owner - User that offers the availability of accommodation in its legitimate possession. On paittaforma and also defined the term Host.
User/solo - User who want to take advantage of the accommodation. On paittaforma and also defined the term host .

Cancellation Policy - in this section are in the F. A. Q on the site, are contained the possible cases that may affect the user/solo in the case where it can no longer take advantage of the property and the user/owner in the event and unable to grant the good in rent.

1. The procedure of registration to the Service

1.1 In order to be able to proceed with the publication of an advertisement, book your accommodation, confirm a booking, use the messaging service and all other services on the site is necessary to carry out the procedure of registration to the Service and become a user.
1.2 The registration procedure provides for the inclusion of your personal data which will be processed and stored in accordance with the privacy policy published at www.tripnpeople.com (privacy policy), of which the user declares that he has taken careful vision and to which he consented in terms of law.
1.3 The User assumes all risk and responsibility for the correctness and reliability of the data provided in the course of the registration procedure, and in each successive stage, specifically recognizing that TRIPNPEOPLE does not have a chance check the accuracy and truthfulness of such data, manlevandola expressly from any responsibility in this regard also to third parties and/or other users.
1.4 By accessing the registration procedure, the User expressly acknowledges to be of legal age (over 18 years as regards Italian citizenship), or to have the full legal capacity according to the national law applicable to him.
1.5 In order to be able to successfully conclude the registration process is necessary for the user to be in possession of a valid email address to which TRIPNPEOPLE will send an email to verification with the necessary instructions to conclude the process.
1.6 The Account - username and password - is assigned exclusively to a single individual, be it natural or legal person. It is expressly forbidden to perform more than one registration procedure for each individual and/or use the Account assigned to other individuals even if legitimately have the credentials to access the Service.
1.7 The User assumes all responsibility and risk associated with the loss of your username and password and/or to the unauthorized use of your login credentials, manlevando TRIPNPEOPLE in this sense also to third parties and/or other users. In the case where the user wonâ't tell anyone your password will be required to make the process of password recovery by following the instructions on the Site.
1.8 In the event that the user be aware of a violation of their credentials to access the service, the user must immediately notify by sending an email to the address info@tripnpeople.com .
1.9 In any case, TRIPNPEOPLE will not be responsible for all direct or indirect consequences of the breach and/or stolen.
1.10 It is possible to become user of the Service also by connecting your account used to access other platforms of social network, including, without limitation, you indicate Facebook and Google+, via a procedure of direct connection carried out with the features offered by these platforms of social network. In this regard, the user recognizes that the legal relationship of the user with the suppliers of the platforms of social network is exclusively governed by the terms and conditions of use with these suppliers to which TRIPNPEOPLE is absolutely alien. It should be noted that in the case of the creation of the Account by connecting to your account on the platforms of social network, TRIPNPEOPLE does not provide the data of the user to those platforms.

2. Announcements, and the Lodgings

2.1 The registered user can create ads using the online platform. In the course of the procedure for creating an ad, the user will respond to a sequence of questions relating to the accommodation subject to the announcement, which - by way of example - the place where the property is located, the size, the number of beds, the characteristics of the property, the period in which the property is available, the price (daily), as well as the mode choice for the cancellation of the reservation on the part of the User/solo flexible, moderate, hard).
2.2 THE user/owner gives TRIPNPEOPLE a license-to-use non-exclusive and transferable to third parties for use of the photographs of the Accommodation published in the announcement for the whole world.
2.3 The user/owner expressly agrees that, from the moment in which it receives a reservation of accommodation, the price can no longer be modified in relation to said booking.
2.4 The user/owner is responsible for all announcements by him published and information contained in them. The user/owner declares and guarantees that the permanence of the User/solo in the accommodation does not infringe any agreement of the user with third parties or is in any way conflict with third-party rights.
2.5 TRIPNPEOPLE assumes no responsibility in relation to the suitability of the accommodation and its compliance with laws, rules and regulations, also tax.
2.6 TRIPNPEOPLE reserves in its sole discretion the right to remove or disable access to any advertisement for any reason, at any time and without notice to user, including announcements that TRIPNPEOPLE, consider inappropriate for any reason and/or in violation of these conditions and/or or even potentially harmful to the Site, Application, or service. In any case, the User expressly acknowledges that TRIPNPEOPLE has no obligation to do so.
2.7 The User recognizes and accepts that TRIPNPEOPLE not acting as a enabler of business, contractor, agent, ombudsman immobiliareo travel agency for the user/owner and/or for the User/Solo. In case of acceptance of a booking for accommodation, any agreement between the user/owner and the User/solo and an exclusive agreement between said subjects in order to which TRIPNPEOPLE is absolutely alien. TRIPNPEOPLE and only a person authorised by the user/owner to receive the payment from the User/solo on his behalf, and is solely and exclusively responsible for the payment of such payment to the user/owner made in accordance with these Conditions.
2.8 When the user/owner creates an announcement, may choose to include certain requirements that must be met by potential users/travellers to be able to request the reservation of the accommodation, including without limitation, the request to receive a phone number or other specifications contained in this announcement. Any User/traveller wishing to book accommodation included between ads that have specific conditions will be required to meet these demands.
2.9 TRIPNPEOPLE makes available to users certain tools, among which a messaging service, which have the purpose to help them make informed decisions in the selection of individuals to which confirm the reservation of the accommodation. Users acknowledge and agree to be, as users/travellers and/or Users/owners, responsible for their own acts or omissions, as well as to acts or omissions of any individual who resides or is otherwise not present at the Accommodation at their request or invitation.
2.10 TRIPNPEOPLE suggests users/owners to conclude appropriate insurance policies for their own accommodations for damage to things and people. We invite you to carefully read the insurance policy possibly in its possession. In particular, it invites us to make sure that you understand any exclusion and/or limitation, the terms and conditions for the complaint of a possible accident, any exemptions or other deductible items, including - purely by way of example, if the insurance will ensure the user in reference to the actions or omissions of users/travellers (and individuals that the user/solo invitations at the accommodation, where authorized by the user/owner) during his stay in accommodation.
2.11 In any case, TRIPNPEOPLE will be responsible for actions and/or omissions in any way be traced back to Users/owners and users/travellers to which achieve, by way of example, and damage to property and/or persons, violations of rights and obligations of persons and legal entities, violations of regulations condominium or other applicable laws and regulations, also tax, be they local, national and international.

3. Description of the Service

3.1 The Website and the implementing communication a subject they want to offer an accommodation located in the Italian Republic ( "User/owner" ), with a person who wishes to stay for a limited period ( "User/solo" ).
3.2 The user can register by following all the procedures provided for in the Site or in the application, by providing your personal data: name, surname, email address and password.
3.3 The registration procedure has been completed, the user/traveller may require the availability of your accommodation for the desired period, are making a booking through the site or application.
3.4 At the time of booking request made by the user/solo, TRIPNPEOPLE sends an email or another form of digital alert to the user/owner, indicating the terms of the request made by the user/solo. In the case that the user/owner has chosen freely his profile as a reservation (booking on request or Immediate reservation) has no time limits by sending the email from TRIPNPEOPLE within which to accept or reject the booking of the User/solo in the case the announcement is specified as 'reservation to request". In the event of non-response on the part of the user/owner within 48 (forty) hours of the receipt of the above mentioned email, the proposal of the User/solo is meant refused, without the need for further communication. The User/traveller will be able to carry out a new search; is it allowed to make more requests for reservations to Users/owners who have chosen the profile "booking request". The booking is to be considered binding at the moment in which the user/Traveller has paid through the domestic payment system to Tripnpeople.com, the sum generated based on various combinations as defined in the specific field.

In the case in which the structure has chosen the profile "direct booking" has an hour of time starting from the time of booking to reject the booking that must take place by communicating directly to the User/Solo through the messaging system offered by the site. If this communication is not carried out by the user/owner the booking is to be regarded as valid and confirmed.
3.5 In the case of direct booking, the user/owner undertakes to observe the procedure properly written under the conditions of use and in the process of publication of the announcement through the various information on the registration form. In case the user/owner does not comply with this condition, TRIPNPEOPLE has the full right to delete the account and the announcement in a definitive manner and without a communication by TRIPNPEOPLE. 

3.6 At the time of the completion of the process required to make the booking, TRIPNPEOPLE communicates the identification data of the User/solo and holds to prior the amount of the request of the User/solo via the Payment System with the exception of certain promotional periods properly publicised.
3.7 If the user/owner accepts the booking made by the user/solo, TRIPNPEOPLE will collect only the amount due for the booking. The remaining part, the user /solo will be obliged to pour it directly to the owner as specified in the section relating to the apartment.
3.8 TRIPNPEOPLE, recessed the sum relating to the cost of booking, will then adjust invoice or receipt, depending on the circumstances, transmitting it to the references indicated by the user/solo in the recording.
3.9 The sum on the residence received by Tripnpeople in reservations defined, will be paid to the Users/owners the next day at the check-in. In the event of a negative acknowledgment on the part of the user/traveller, that the property which you have booked on the site did not correspond in the characteristics described in the announcement or showed a condition of highly, it will not be paid any amount to the user/owner. Will immediatemte arranged a refund of the sum paid through Tripnpeople user/solo.
In addition, as provided in paragraph 7.0 Cancellation of the account, the staff of Tripnpeople will take measures in this regard.

4. Cost of the service
 4.1 The user/traveller who uses the site Tripnpeople, filling in the fields necessary to formulate a reservation, will be well visible the cost of the service that will pay in conjunction to the share that instead it will be up to the owner.
The cost will always be visible in the field provided and will be variable as a percentage based on the number of nights reserved. In the case of promotional periods can only be applied "fixed costs of service" are not linked to the variables of the accommodation and nights.
The commission of service may not be refunded, if not in cases of serious illness, grief, and exceptional disasters that do not allow the user/traveller to reach the property reserved. The staff of Tripnpeople may require as a result of the request for reimbursement of the documents which prove the cases just mentioned and only then will the reimbursement.
The costs related to electronic payment shall be borne by the user/solo and are not refundable.

5. Limitation of liability

5.1 TRIPNPEOPLE does not endorse any User, accommodation or announcement nor offer any guarantee in this sense. Moreover, even if these conditions force users to provide accurate information, TRIPNPEOPLE not confirmed, nor has it been able to confirm, nor does it guarantee that the identity or the suitability of the users and/or the accuracy and veracity of the information provided. Users are the only actors exclusively responsible to verify the identity and the suitability of individuals with which they interact with the Site, the application and the messaging system.
5.2 TRIPNPEOPLE is not responsible for any damage arising from the interactions of the users, which remains absolutely alien.
5.3 Using the Site and the application, and the service, you agree that any legal action that you may use in relation to actions or omissions of other users and/or other third parties, must be exclusively limited to a direct action against the user and/or the third party responsible for the damage. The User expressly waives to sue, operate claims or questions, having a responsibility of TRIPNPEOPLE or making use of any legal action against TRIPNPEOPLE in relation to these actions or omissions. Consequently, TRIPNPEOPLE suggests users to communicate directly with each other as regards any details or issues pertaining to the reservation or in the announcement. 

5.4 TRIPNPEOPLE is not responsible for any problems regarding the temporary suspension of the Site, application and of the service, for any reason or reason that this is a listing by way of example: force majeure, unforeseeable circumstances, hacker attacks, strikes, failures and maintenance of computer equipment. In the case of suspension of the operation of the Site, application and service, TRIPNPEOPLE will use every reasonable effort to restore their functionality. In no case TRIPNPEOPLE will be responsible for any reservations not accepted or other due to the suspension of the Site, Application and Service.

6. Further obligations of users and code of conduct

6.1 The User undertakes to observe any law, rule, regulation and tax liability that may be applicable to him in relation to the use of the site, on the application, the messaging system and the service.
6.2 As regards the use of the Site, the application, the messaging system, of the Service by the user, the user is obligated to refrain from the following conduct:
• Violate any law or regulation regional, national or international conventions, including any measures of judicial authorities;
• using the Site, the application, the Messaging System, or the Service for illegal activities and for any purpose not expressly provided in these conditions;
• use software or other devices automatic or manual of any kind for (i) access, copy or retain any information present on the site if you do not expressly provided in these Terms (ii) interfere in any measure with the Site, application and the messaging system (iii) investigating the safety of the Site and any of its components (iv) to try to decipher, decode, uninstall, or decompile any software used to provide the site, services, and the application, (v) circumvent, remove, disable, Damage, decode any technological measure of safety or authentication;
• violate personal rights and property of any person and/or legal or other entity, including, without limitation, intellectual property rights, privacy rights, advertising or contractual TRIPNPEOPLE and/or third parties;
• interfere with or damage the Site, the application, the messaging system, and the service, in any way or manner.
• Use the Site, the application, the messaging system, and the service to perform commercial communications not authorized under the present Conditions or publish ads not related to the accommodation;
• offend any other user of the Site, Application, the messaging system or of the service, or to collect and store any personal information to any user for any purpose unrelated to the present Conditions;
• publish on the Site, the application and the messaging system, pornography, obscene or otherwise offensive to their dignity and decorum of the users and/or third parties;
• offer, as a user/owner, any accommodation not personally owned and which do not have a permit to rent or sublease, for any title or reason;
• publish announcements or to make reservations on behalf of third parties or As a real estate agent;
• register with more than one Account, register an account on behalf of a third party, or use an account that is not assigned to the user;
• contact a user for any purpose other than the ask questions relating to a booking, accommodation or the Announcement;
• recruit, divert, redirecting or encourage other users to join services competing with TRIPNPEOPLE;
• to provide false information as to his own person, to its own qualities, even professional and to the quality and conditions of the property in the announcement;
• use the Site, the application and the service to find a user/owner or a user/solo, then you can make the booking of accommodation without use of the site, by the application or service, eluding the obligations under these conditions;
• publish any announcement indicating a price Fake or not reasonable, or make a reservation that does not intend to comply;
• collect manually, or automatically, any information or content on the site for the compilations of data banks.
• Encourage, defend, assist, or collaborate with any subject, in any measure, in relation to a conduct contrary to the present Conditions.
6.3 TRIPNPEOPLE reserves the right to conduct investigations and to promote legal actions in case of any unlawful conduct on the part of users, as well as to inform and collaborate with the competent authorities. The User acknowledges that TRIPNPEOPLE has no obligation to monitor the access to or use of the Site, application, service, the messaging service or analyze the content provided by the user, but has the faculty to perform these tasks to manage the site, the application and services, and to evaluate the compliance with the user to these Terms and Conditions, or to comply with provisions of the law and/or measures taken by the judicial authority, or for reasons of public safety, including measures taken by any competent authority.


7. Cancellation of the account

7.1 In the case where TRIPNPEOPLE deems a violation, even potential of these conditions by the user, TRIPNPEOPLE reserves the right to immediately cancel User'S Account manager, or potentially responsible, said violation, in its sole discretion and without any obligation to notice to that effect.

8. Indemnity

8.1 The User expressly agrees to indemnify, hold harmless and defend TRIPNPEOPLE, as well as all the subjects, be they natural or legal persons, including employees, managers, administrators, and members, and any other person who performs services in favor of TRIPNPEOPLE from any action, claim or demand, having a direct or indirect responsibility for any damage, even non-financial, including costs, loss of earnings, and expenses, as well as, without limitation, reasonable attorneys' fees and technical consultants or accountants, arising from, or connected in any way to: (A) to access to or use of the Site, the application, services or the announcements by the user or the violation of these conditions by the user; (b) any content, photos, information and data provided by the user; (c) any of the following actions carried out by the user (i) the interaction with other Users, (ii) the booking of accommodation, (iii) the creation of a proclamation (iv) the use, the condition or the use of an accomodation, including, without limitation, any damage resulting from personal injury, in any shape or size, or other damages of any kind, which can be connected, related or connected with booking and the fruition of the accommodation.

9. Times

9.1 The times cited by the present Conditions are referred to the time zone for the Italy, indicated for international convention with GMT +1.

10. Partial nullity

10.1 The invalidity, ineffectiveness, or any form of disability, or part of individual clauses of this agreement does not entail the invalidity of the whole contract that remains valid and effective between the parties as to the rest.


11. Exhaustiveness of the contract

11.1 These terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between TRIPNPEOPLE and the user and supersede all previous agreements or understandings, oral or written, between TRIPNPEOPLE and the user.

12. Intellectual Property

12.1 The site, the application, services and content are protected by copyright law relating to trade marks and patents, as well as other laws and international conventions. The User acknowledges and agrees that the Site, the application, services and content, including all intellectual property rights associated therewith, are the exclusive property of TRIPNPEOPLE and/or third parties.

13. Sale

13.1 This Agreement is not transferable to third parties in any part of it, for payment or free of charge, without the prior written consent of TRIPNPEOPLE.

14. Implied Waiver

14.1 The non-exercise of any entitlement to TRIPNPEOPLE pursuant to this agreement may not be considered as a waiver, even partially, to the right.

15. Dispute Resolution

15.1 All disputes arising from the interpretation, execution and/or termination of this agreement or in any way connected to it or referable, even where possible in relation to any third parties, will be submitted to the attempt at conciliation provided by conciliation service provided by the agency 'Room of conciliation and arbitration" of the Chamber of Commerce of Teramo and resolved according to the Rules of conciliation from this adopted.

16. Applicable Law

16.1 This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Italian law.

17. Language of interpretation of the contract

17.1 The italian version of this agreement takes precedence over any translation into other languages present on the sites in relation to any conflicts of interpretation of the provisions contained therein.


18. Jurisdiction

18.1 In the case of failure of the attempt at conciliation stated in these conditions, the User agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of TERAMO, in relation to any action or claim arising, or in any way connected to this Agreement arising from the interpretation, execution and/or termination of this agreement.