Privacy policy

Privacy policyInformative according to Legislative Decreto 30 june 2003 n. 196 "" Code in matter of protection of the personal data "". It is prayed to integrally read carefully and the brought back text under.
The personal data are collected with the purpose to record the customer, to activate in its confronts the procedures for the execution of the contract and to supply the necessary relative communications to the same contract; such data are dealt electronically in the respect of the enforced laws and could be exhibited only upon request of the judicial authority that is other authorities in case of necessity authorized for law.
The interested one enjoys the rights of which to art. the 7 d. lgs. 196/2003, below indicated: to ask confirmation for the existence near the center of TripnPeople of own personal data; to know their origin, logic and the purposes of their treatment; to obtain of the update, the adjustment, and integration; to ask of the cancellation, the transformation in anonymous form or the block in case of illicit treatment; to oppose itself to their treatment for reasons legitimizes or if of I use of the data for shipment of advertising material, commercial information, interactive commercial communication and direct selling, market researches. The obtaining of the cancellation of own personal data is subordinated to the shipment of a communication written sent through email to or letter post to the center of the society, in Via Puccini, 3 64026 Roseto degli Abruzzi Teramo, Italy. Tripnpeople guarantees that every information supplied to fine advertising will be dealt in compliance with Decreto LGS. 196/2003. TripnPeople communicates moreover that, according to I decree Lgs. the 196/2003, data of the customers supplied at the moment of the subscription of the purchase order and/or the compilation of the invoice, are excluded by the collected consent of the interested one as based on the obligations fiscal/fiscal previewed from the law, the regulations and the communitarian norm and, in any case, to the solo fine to allow the implementation of the obligations upon request deriving from the contract of purchase of which the interested one and/or for the acquisition of necessary informative the contractual ones is part, always and exclusively activated of interested (Art. 24, Lett. To and B, D. LGS. 196/2003). TripnPeople. it guarantees that the collected data will be communicated to third party, and just to providers specialized in newsletter services, to the single aims of the shipment of advertising material or newsletter in order only account of commercial TripnPeople or of the partner. To title of the collection and the treatment of the personal data is Of Marco Nardino.

Politics of the Cookie for the site tripnpeople.comWhat is the cookie

Many sites web collect small amount of information with regard to its activity on the same site. Such information are enclosed in rows of text identified like “cookie”, memorized on your computer. Al fine to guarantee always best possible navigation to you, our site offers the best performances with the cookie qualified. Thanks to the cookie it is possible “to remember us” of she when it returns on our site, so like identifying and resolving errors - supplying them a faster and indicated navigation for she.

Used types of cookie on this site
Our site uses the following types of cookie:

cookie technical of navigation or session, that they guarantee normal navigation and fruizione of the situated web (affording, for example, to realize a purchase or to authenticate themselves in order to approach to restricted areas);
functionality cookie technical, that a series of selected criteria (for example, the language, the produced ones selected for the purchase) to the aim affords to the customer navigation according to improve the service returned to the same one; this cookie affords to the site “to remember” the choices from you carried out (like your user name, the language or the region in which it finds you) and therefore to supply functionality more complex and indicated for you;
cookie analytics, assimilated to the cookie technical whereby used directly from the manager of the site, in order to collect information, in form aggregated, on the number of the customers and on as these visit the same site.
Other functions of the cookies for this site
If it creates or it has created an account on our site then we will use the cookie for the management of the recording process and for the administration of your local profile. This cookie usually is cancelled during the logout by the site; however in some cases they could not be removed to the aim to maintain own preferences also when it has not been loggati to the site.

We use the cookie when you approach the site (login) so as to hold trace of your session. This process avoids that to every change of page the system demands the access credentials newly. This cookie usually is removed or cleaned up at the moment of logout in way such to assure that eventual contained areas or to classified access are maintained not accessible.

This site offers to subscription services newsletter and the cookie could be used in order to establish if your address email already is recorded and in order to less show some valid notifications for customers only enrolled or.

This site offers to instruments of e-commerce or payment online and some cookie is essential in order to assure the state of your order during navigation of the pages, in way that can be tried correctly.

When it compiles and it sends to a module (or form) like what it can be found on the page contacts of the site the cookies they can be used in order “to remember” the details and the choices associated to your customer with the scope to assure a sure congruence in case of it uses future.

Al fine to supply a experience to you customer of first level on this site we offer the opportunity to set up own preferences care some details functionality of the site. In order to maintain in memory your formulations we use the cookie in way such that the pages or the sections that they include detailed lists functionality can be modified consequently.

This site uses Cookie of profilazione. They are details cookie used in order to send you advertising messages online with your preferences.
Such cookie is directly installed by TripNPeople di Nardino Di Marco and their installation demands your consent; in lack the same ones will not be installed.

Cookie of third parts
The cookie of third parts is set up parts of code from a situated various web from what it is currently visiting.

This involves the transmission of cookie from subject third party. The management of the information collections from “third parts” is disciplined by relative the informative ones which it is prayed to make reference. In order to guarantee a greater transparency and comfort, they are brought back here below for every cookie operating on our Site, we bring back the information on type of cookies used by means of the services of supplier third party, scopes, period of conservation, third parts that however conserve the information and that they approach to you:

Google Analytics
The site of TripNPeople di Nardino Di Marco includes also Cookie generated from Google Analytics, a service of analysis of the traffic web supplied from Google, Inc. We are newly in presence of cookie of third parts collected and managed in anonymous way in order to monitor and to improve the performances of the accommodating site.

Google Analytics uses the Cookie in order to collect and to analyze in anonymous form the information on the behaviors of I use of the sites web (like IP address of the customer). Such information come collections from Google Analytics, than it elaborates to them in order to write up relative reports to the activities carried out on the same sites web. This site does not use and it does not allow with third party to use the instrument of analysis of Google in order to monitor or in order to collect personal information of identification. Google does not associate IP address to no possessed given other from Google neither tries to connect an IP address with the identity of a customer. Google can also communicate these information to third party where this is tax from the law or whereby such third party hyphen the aforesaid information on behalf of Google.

For further information on Google Analytics, it is sent back to following the link:

The customer can disabilitare the action of Google Analytics selective installing on own browser the supplied member of opt-out from Google. For disabilitare the action of Google Analytics, he sends back himself to following the link:

Other information
In the practical one to offer services and/or to sell produced from our site the number of visitors of the site, eventual sales and orders to connected it is important for we to receive statistics care; at the same time we can create cookies that they help us to define models and mechanisms of prophecy in order to supply the best one produced to you or service to the best possible price.

In our site we use also buttons and/or plugins supplied and connected to specific Social networks, than they afford us to integrate their functions on our site. Between the Social networks used on our site we include Facebook, Google+, Twitter, which can use of the cookie owners in order to improve your profile on their site or in order to enrich given of personal type from maintained they, proportionally to the respective policies of privacy.

Management of the Cookie
Like modifying the formulations on the cookie
The majority of the browsers affords to cancel the cookie from the hard disk of the computer, to block the acceptance of the cookie or to receive an warning before a cookie is memorized.

Therefore, for the removal of the cookies we invite the customer to follow the present instructions on the pages dedicated of the several browsers:

Internet Explorer:
For they nature the Cookie shapes treatments of data of computer science type. The collected data could moreover be communicated or will be able to come to acquaintance:

of our staff which charged for the operations of its competence (attache's to the marketing, commercial civil employees, assigned to the secretariat), in quality of people in charge of the treatment;
of freelance and society third, purposely people in charge, for the management of you anticipate situated web, in quality of responsibles of the treatment;
To title of the treatment of the data is TripNPeople di Nardino Di Marco - Roseto degli Abruzzi, TERAMO.

The rights are recognized to the customer of which to art. the 7 of the D.Lgs. 196/03, that we bring back for extended:

The interested one has right to obtain the personal confirmation of the existence or less than given that regards it, even if not still recorded, and their communication in intelligible form.
The interested one has right to obtain the indication:
a) of the origin of the personal data; b) of the purposes and modality of the treatment; c) of applied logic in case of treatment carried out with the aid of electronic instruments; d) of of the identification ends of the holder, the responsibles and the designated representative according to article 5, codicil 2; e) of the subjects or the categories of subjects to which the personal data can be communicated or that they can come some to acquaintance in quality of representative designated in the territory of the State, of responsibles or people in charge.
The interested one has right to obtain:
a) the update, the rectification that is, when it has interest to you, integration of the data; b) the cancellation, the transformation in anonymous form or the block of the data dealt in law violation, those comprised of which are not necessary the conservation in relation to the scopes for which the data are collected or successively dealt; c) the attestation that the operations of which to the letters a) and b) has been capacities to acquaintance, also regarding their content, of those people to which the data are communicated or diffuse, excepted the case in which such implementation it is revealed impossible or it involved a manifestly disproportionate means employment regarding the protected right.
The interested one has right to oppose itself, in all or partially:
a) for reasons legitimizes to the treatment of the personal data that regard it, though relevant to the scope of the collection; b) to the treatment of personal data that regard it to fine of shipment of advertising material or direct selling or for the fulfillment of commercial communication or market researches.
What succeeds if they disable the cookie?
However, if the customer blocks or cancels a cookie, it could be impossible to restore the preferences or the personalized formulations previously specified and our ability to personalize the experience of the customer will be limited.

Additional information
Hoping that faced how much until now has contributed to clarify the expressed concepts, if still is some doubt or qualified uncertainty we in any case advise to maintain you the cookie if one of it is fundamental for the operation of a detail service that uses in our site. However if you are looking for greater information we invite you to contact itself through one of the following methods:


Telephone: +39 3471267173