Mission | Values | Visions

The Web is increasingly present in our lives and although it can sometimes intrude into an excessive use, remains a technological tool that has allowed us to evolve culturally and to communicate or receive information with a large radius.
Our project of the present and future development, precisely for this reason, it is based on a rich set of combinations: on the one hand it makes use of the intelligent use of computer equipment and on the other hand allows especially to convey ideas, dreams and aspirations, projects and, last but not the least, to know new people.

Our Mission:

We have developed this platform with precise goals, convinced that they can improve not only our lives but also that of our community:
  • Share their passions.
  • To make to know every type of place, including those outside of mass tourism.
  • Supporting small and large tourist community.
  • Retain and disseminate the values and traditions of the places and people.

Our vision:

All our daily action is designed to improve on all fronts. We know therefore that it is essential to listen to the opinion of our customers and our employees to do so:
  • Be a point of reference for those who want to discover new places and meet new people during the journey.
  • Create an economic return for all users advertisers of the platform.
  • To know reality that do not live in the spotlight of the tour operator or of the big companies in the tourism.
  • Share our growth path with other startup of the sector.
  • Be productive to develop new jobs.

Our values:

  • Economy: in any entrepreneurial activities to encourage people to work on reception.
  • Collaboration: share enhances the capabilities of each.
  • Social: every place retains its uniqueness and authenticity.
  • People: each person is special when it carries out its work with passion.
  • Technology: we use every means which allows to speak freely.