List your place

List your place

TripnPeople allows you to publish your announcement for free.

If you are a manager of business accommodation you can register without cost and use all the tools dedicated to the management of reservations.

You are the manager of a Bed and Breakfast, a farm, a Holiday House of private accommodation or you have instead a boat? Well, we welcome you and invite you to register your property in a few minutes.

TripnPeople is based on a simple concept: "The best service at the right price".

The platform is structured to give visibility to the type of hospitality, what the traveller can do in a specific place and the people who will be able to meet. For this reason we do not support to the so-called "ultimatum prices' and not practicing pricing policies ribassiste.
We only ask our users to enter a price per night which is adequate for the service offered and the typology of the structure. However, given the nature of the market, the seasonality or holiday periods, it is possible to insert more affordable for the single day or for an entire period.
In order to ensure that the platform is always updated and functional, it is essential to a big commitment on the part of our team; for this reason we decided to apply a cost of service to travellers who will be held at booking concluded.
If you still have questions or want to know other aspects of the platform, you can visit the page owners and then register to test their operation, while for all other info take a look at our FAQ.