Owner- host

TRIPNPEOPLE is a free platform to bring together your business and your potential customers. And, as is often the case with things that are new – unusual – original, the enthusiasm and dedication underpinning the whole project, funded by the European Union, certainly won’t disappoint.

Although TRIPNPEOPLE falls within the multi-faceted category of web portals dedicated to the world of travel, it focuses exclusively on facilities other than hotels, and on private apartments and accommodation. The basic concept is to guide and support Travellers in choosing a destination or attraction that will satisfy them and enable them to fully experience that PASSION - interest - hobby that they are not willing to let go of, even while on holiday.

Refinement, authenticity, dynamism, curiosity, are the keywords which best describe the spirit and essence of the TRIPNPEOPLE community of Travellers. A community with clear ideas about the kind of trip they wish to take, to soak up new experiences and cultivate new emotions.

TRIPNPEOPLE therefore provides a portal capable of attracting customers to your facility who are not drawn to mass tourism. A special clientele in search of exactly what you have to offer and that share the same PASSIONS as you.

PASSIONS associated, for example, with a specific service, which could be a specific type of cuisine, a sport, a musical genre, an artistic/literary trend, or any other interest that is in line with your lifestyle. In harmony with everything that sets you apart and enhances your excellence.

And what might happen if a customer embraced your way of managing the facility, your passions, or indeed, your very lifestyle?

You would have a satisfied customer who is happy with the experience thanks to your support and input. A customer who would choose your facility regardless of seasonality or geographic location. And who, through word of mouth and positive reviews, might let new customers know of your dedication and welcoming approach.

It might sound like a dream or an ideal, but with TRIPNPEOPLE it can become a reality.

How can you access the TRIPNPEOPLE circuit?

With just a few simple clicks.