TRIPNPEOPLE is an emerging web portal, aimed at people who wish to create their own journey, by following and satisfying the PASSIONS they cultivate in everyday life.

The principle at the heart of the project can be summed up as follows: WE FIND A PLACE FOR YOUR PASSIONS.

And this is exactly what TRIPNPEOPLE does. It offers Travellers the opportunity to select their holiday destination while holding on to those passions that they cannot live without. From seaside to mountains, from cookery to music, nature to art, sports and much more, TRIPNPEOPLE helps you choose the ideal destination to make any trip away from home a unique and special moment.

A moment dedicated to your interests. And it could not be any other way. Thanks to its wide range of facilities – accommodation - residences, included because of their unique qualities and original features, TRIPNPEOPLE can offer suggestions, alternatives, advice, opportunities and experiences which will allow you to find or discover the perfect place for any requirement, need, ambition or curiosity.

Because with TRIPNPEOPLE finding a place that satisfies your PASSIONS can become extremely easy today.


Here’s a good example.

Are you passionate about vegan cuisine?

Excellent. With TRIPNPEOPLE you can choose the ideal destination for you, and then select a facility which shares your passion and makes it a selling point.

In what way?

By offering its customers exclusively vegan dishes, organising themed cookery classes or performances on the subject, or workshops with relevant experts. Or simply by sharing the same outlook on life, in a mutual exchange of advice, suggestions and information, with the facility operator and the customer on the same wavelength.

In this way TRIPNPEOPLE allows you to perform an alternative and unique search. In fact, all of the facilities included offer a specific service, in appealing locations which perhaps are not so well known, but which are fascinating to experience and discover for this very reason. But there’s more.

You will also have the opportunity to engage in direct, first-hand experiences, pursue your interests or discover exciting new ones.