FAQ - When I receive a payment


The payment on tripnpeople is done via credit card payment or paypal in a highly secure way.
On the effective bookings the website will charge just an anticipation (booking fee) of the settled price by the customer.
Following, tripnpeople will pay the owner the anticipation amount if there won't any irregularities, during the check-in phase.
The whole payment of the stay will be settled between the owner of the building and the customer who booked the stay. This part is totally up to you.
Nevertheless, we do advise our service users to set up the 'pay at the arrival' option.
For further enquiries do not hesitate to contact the tripnpeople staff.


We strongly advise you to put more emphasis on the Calendar section. With the Personalize option you can set up specific prices for specific dates or periods. Therfore, if you decide that in August the price will be higher due to the high peak season, you can hihlight that on the Calendar. We do remind you that on the calendar the price shown will be averaged or standard. Only after selecting the specific dates, the total amount of the stay will appear.