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TRIPNPEOPLE  is the only site that allows you to search for the ideal stay for PASSIONS.

The idea that the traveller can, together with the collaboration of the HOST, embark on a journey/stay to the insignia of the tasks they wish to cultivate; it is only possible thanks to a careful and detailed description of the structures.

In the section internal activities and external activities and you can view for each of the items a drop-down list, where are listed all the various activities. The PIN, so called due to their design that will appear only later in the page of the structure, serve to help the traveller in search of the perfect stay.

It is up to the owner of the structures used in a manner truthful and correct the Tasks section.

In the internal activities, we recommend you, to add only those activities that your facility can offer guests and, therefore, that are directly connected, but also integrate this part thanks to an accurate description of what is unique about your structure, perhaps to a passion that you Host you have and you can share with your future guests.

In the part outside activities, we advise you to check only those activities that are easily accessible from the place where you are, in such a way as to be accessible to the traveller that it can be seen concerned exhort.