About us

About us

TRIPNPEOPLE stands out among the many websites and portals dedicated to travelling, because it is entirely focused on the Travellers and on the Spirit of a place.

And travelling means living, observing and experiencing. It means growing, improving and forgetting. But it also means letting go and losing oneself. Perhaps losing oneself in the wonder of new discoveries, setting aside the daily routine, even just for a few days, leaving room only for what satisfies us and makes us happy. Like an interest or a PASSION that we cultivate enthusiastically and earnestly. Firmly convinced of this, TRIPNPEOPLE aims to create a community of Travellers and provide them with an original way to book a trip, putting that very PASSION that  grants moments of escape from the daily routine at the heart of their destination, thus making it the undisputed protagonist of their holiday.

With this purpose in mind, TRIPNPEOPLE brings together and connects Operators of facilities that do not feature on the mainstream tourist itineraries…quite the contrary, in fact.

They are Operators who stand out for the genuine welcome that they give their customers and the variety of services on offer. Or Operators who run facilities in locations that satisfy specific interests. These areas are not overstated; they are attractive thanks to their beauty and to the Spirit that they reveal to those who choose to stop and take notice.

They are places selected by TRIPNPEOPLE with a view to promoting regions that perhaps are less well-known, made up of villages, towns, communities and corners of the world which fully deserve to be appreciated, known and loved.

And TRIPNPEOPLE is, and always will be, thoroughly and deeply committed to ensuring that Travellers have a stay that they won’t forget in a hurry, thanks to the novelty and authenticity of the options on offer. Because it is, and always will be, a matter of quality.

And with TRIPNPEOPLE quality is, and always will be, guaranteed.



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About us



Abruzzo ESF Operational Programme. This project was granted funding under the European Social Fund, through the Abruzzo Regional Government "Intraprendo" contest.