We find a place for all your passion

Book accommodation according to your interests

What is Tripnpeople

TRIPNPEOPLE is a new web platform that allows you to book accommodation only doing a search based on the passions.



With Tripnpeople you can book your accommodation for your holidays or for a business trip, by applying a concept to research: passions.


Find the ideal solution and contact the owner through the site. Confirmed availability, you can make your reservation by paying only a small advance and the rest upon arrival.


The accomodation facilities that you can find on the site, with their authenticity and uniqueness, give you the possibility to evaluate the offer thinking about your passion.

Accommodation facilities

Is free

Do not apply the costs in the event of a booking and the user that houses it is invited to establish the right price on the basis of the service offered.


It is guaranteed the possibility that an accommodation can also be requested out of season or away from canonical routes of mass tourism for 365 days a year.


The tools in the area allow you to manage, edit or constantly update the offer with the aid of a calendar evolved and in complete autonomy.



The purpose of Tripnpeople is to put the travellers in the foreground. Meet and share an interest helps to create a special contact and to find new friends, favoring dialog and the exchange of experiences.


You have the possibility to discover unknown places that only thanks to the people of the place you can reach.


Have you ever tried an accommodation according to the logic of the destination? Well, add a component to your search!

Search your passions!


Combine your passions for art and travelling.
Turn your holiday into an artistic gem.
Just let yourself be guided by the right inspiration



Enjoyed your travel. Every day

Enjoyed your passion for the kitchen.

Every moment of your travel will have the taste of a delicacy.



You put in field energy, vigor, concentration.

Parts with the idea to live to full load the sport that you prefer,

if this is what desires.



You have the passion for the objective?

You make so that the camera becomes the protagonist of your vacation.

It leaves the fingers free to release.



To relax itself. To breathe to full lungs.

To pass days to the open air.

To part to fascinate from the miracle of the nature.

You can make it, deciding the ideal destination for you.


It prepares the suitcase for the rhythm of the music that fills up you the heart.

It begins your travel with those sound overhead.

Completely live it without to omit a single note.



Get lost between the wonderful scenes of the sea.

You chase your passion.

And afford them to regenerate body and mind to you.



You can enjoy your passion for the mountain,

knowing that you will succeed to pick every its spell

and to satisfy every your requirement.



Which it could be a luxury today?

  To cultivate a passion, a any passion, and to carry it in travel.


Search for your next destination with TripnPeople!